SNS: Orban is like Hitler and the EU should deal with it

Nationalist party SNS called a press conference today to complain about several issues, but chiefly concerning the issue of dual citizenship and the right to vote being offered by Hungary to ethnic Hungarians abroad.

Andrej Danko (c) The

SNS deputy chairman Andrej Danko spoke to the handful of journalists present, saying that the issue of allowing citizens of other countries to vote in Hungary should be dealt with on an EU level, by the European Commission and the Council.

Ironically, this aligns with the call of ethnic Hungarian party Most-Hid, as chairman Bela Bugar said last week that Hungarian parties should not be campaigning in Slovakia. Danko said it was paradoxical, though, that Bugar of all people was the one to speak out against Hungarian PM Viktor Orban in defence of Slovakia’s sovereignty. He then questioned Bugar’s motives, accusing him of wanting to hold onto his position among Hungarian Slovaks in the south of Slovakia and also of being hurt by how Orban has basically ignored Bugar’s party, while paying more attention to non-parliamentary party SMK.

Danko informed that the SNS had already sent out letters to European MPs concerning voting rights and dual citizenship, and called on journalists and countries surrounding Hungary to work together more against the Hungarian threat, while comparing Orban to Hitler.

Danko took a swipe also at the only other opposition party Smer-SD for how it is dealing with the situation, and said that the Hungarian law on dual citizenship should be given the same importance in the EU as the much criticised Hungarian Press Act.

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