SNS sets its sights on Human Rights Committee

Some might think it a joke, but the Slovak Nationalist Party (SNS), famous for inflammatory rhetoric aimed at Hungarians and the Roma, seems set to preside over the parliamentary human rights committee in the coming electoral term.

At the moment it seems as though SNS vice-chair Anna Belousovova will be the committee chair, with SNS getting a further three vice-chair posts in this new and rather ‘strange’ compilation. Considering the party’s track record over the past four years, many would question whether the SNS has the proper credentials to head such a committee. Specific post allocations are to be handed out by Wednesday 7th of July.

Make of it what you will, but this is one of nine committees that the two opposition parties look set to chair.

Smer-SD will lead the committees for public administration, education and the media, the National Security Bureau, conflicts of interest, plus the special supervisory committees for Military Intelligence and, believe it or not, the Slovak Intelligence Service.

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