Some companies even made profit last year

The crisis did not hit everyone. For example, Slovakia’s largest civil engineering project company Dopravoprojekt Bratislava, generated sales revenues of EUR 21 million last year, which stood up against last year’s results, while its net profit was even 1.5% higher y/y to reach EUR 3.2 million. Just about all of the profit, namely EUR 3.1 million will be enjoyed by the shareholders as it is earmarked for the payout of dividends.
It enjoyed good growth in the first quarter of 2010, producing 11.5% higher sales revenues than last year with EUR 3.37 million, but the company remains cautious, planning profit a gross profit of only EUR 2.3 million this year. Dopravoprojekt is owned primarily by Dutch company Sudop International and employed 251 people at the end of last year.

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