Some New Jobs in the Pipeline

A new investor is interested in the town of Hnusta. The Czech company processing uranium, its compounds and producing also medical supplies for radiology or special alloys is expanding its production and plans to create 200 new jobs there.

One of the largest employers in the Kosice Region, T-Systems Slovakia, wants to hire some 500 employees by 2015. Their number will thus exceed 3,000 in total. The creation of new jobs will depend on state support.

Embraco Slovakia in Spisska Nova Ves plans to hire new employees this year. The company currently expects an increase in jobs by 68. Norbert Brath, Embraco Slovakia CEO, said the estimated number of new employees does not have to be final. The latest reported investment in the Spis Region is 2.5 million euros for a technology center with laboratories.

One of the biggest employers in Slovakia, German group Schaeffler, has decided to build an R&D center and establish a financial shared services center for the whole of Europe in our country. Jaroslav Patka, CEO of the plants INA Skalica and INA Kysuce, confirmed that these investments would open 200 new jobs. The Germans will spend 10 to 12 million euros on this investment. Source: SARIO


  1. I like the “creation of jobs will depend on state support” line. It seems some employers have sussed that BnM and Co are an easy touch for that “special deal”

  2. Oh great . Now we will have Slowvaks that will glow in the dark .

    Still will make cycling home plastered from the pub a lot easier to see them on the road .

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