Some tips for a romantic Valentine’s weekend

Valentine’s Day isn’t just some kind of “revenge” of the West in the form of cheap or cute hearts and giant bars of chocolate. It is a day when love should be celebrated in any way possible.

In Slovakia, Valentine’s Day is now celebrated with joy and excitement. Shops are decorated with ribbons, balloons and pink or red roses and flooded with Valentine’s cards filled with romantic verse, and other Valentine’s day gifts such as perfumes, cuddly toys and so on. Lovers and friends alike express their love for each other by sending these greeting cards or presenting such gifts.

Slovakia has a lot of places worth visiting and all kinds of events worth seeing on Valentine’s Day. It is up to you to choose the one you like most.

However, resorts in spa towns offering attractive packages for lovers on this day are among the most popular venues to enjoy the spirit of Valentine’s romance. 

One of the most popular is Bojnice Castle. The Valentine’s weekend at the castle is an event dedicated to all lovers, while also being designed for families with children. The weekend will be full of flowers, confectionery and Valentine’s decoration, complemented by a tour through the castle and its expositions, along with romantic love stories from the history of the castle and the option of spa procedures.

The Japanese Pagoda tree in the park of the castle with an interesting silhouette of its crown symbolises the big love of Ján Corvinus and Blanka Sforzová (the most famous loving couple of Bojnice castle). Its pendulous branches are shaped into a summer house, which attracts lovers as they like to take pictures there in the hope of “grabbing” a small piece of the romantic love from behind the walls of Bojnice Castle.

This year on 12-14 February Bojnice Castle traditionally opens its gates to married couples, engaged couples or all who have fallen in love, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Early reservations are recommended.

Another of the most renowned spa resorts, Health Spa Piestany, also has a special offer for a romantic but revitalising weekend. It is offering a special package deal for couples with two nights stay, a candlelit dinner, Valentine’s gift, medical consultation, spa treatment procedures and more.

For more information, visit the respective websites of Bojnice Castle and Health spa Piestany.

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