Spanish May Invest EUR 1bn Near Kosice

Aeronautical company Mazel Group from Spain looks set to make a massive EUR 1 billion investment and generate up to 3,000 jobs in Kechnec Industrial Park, but its decision is not yet final.

Kechnec industrial park

According to Hospodarske Noviny, the company previously negotiated entry to the industrial park with the government of Robert Fico a few years ago, but with no agreement.  Even now, the acting coalition may not be so sure about meeting the hefty demands of the company either, but so far the Ministry of Economy has not received any official proposal and so is staying tight-lipped.

The plant would be partially a research and development base and so could generate jobs for over 1,500 university graduates, revealed Kechnec mayor Jozef Konkoly, which is half the total workforce. Now it is up to whether Slovakia will bend to the company’s investment conditions and so reel in a massive and strategic investment for Eastern Slovakia.


  1. ….and man MAY LAND ON MARS . Yet another Fox News style non action story.

    This paying of massive incentives to reel in a massive and strategic investment for Eastern Slovakia is a joke use of tax payers money and should not be allowed any longer within the EU zone . Slovakia have had enough time to land jobs etc , without making these massive bribes and are just moving thousands of jobs away from other EU host countries, because they offer subsidised cheap Slovak labour and tax write off .

    1. if you read attentively, you will see, that Slovak government is very reluctant to this idea of buying 50% of that investment. Hadn’t it be that way, investment would have been signed by now. So they really do not bribe this company although region of Eastern Slovakia desperately needs investment of such sizel

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