Special Ebola Unit Ready in Bratislava, People Warned

The Public Health Office (UVZ) has set up a special unit to deal with any cases of Ebola that might occur as the deadly virus starts to spread. The unit is based at the Clinic of Infections and Geographic Medicine in Bratislava, where anyone suspected of contamination would be hospitalised.

photo (s) Cmenesesoliveira

With fears over the spread of the virus rising and 900 already dead, authorities are asking anyone who has recently visited outbreak countries to monitor themselves for any signs of the infection, with West Africa at the hub of the epidemic, especially Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Should anyone be diagnosed with Ebola, all those who came into contact with them would also have to be found and examined. Symptoms include fever, pains, vomiting, rashes, bleeding from orifices and internal organ failure. It is transmitted from contact with human bodily fluids.

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