Special session convened on Income Tax Act

Slovak parliament (c) The Daily

A special government sessions has been convened this week to overthrow the veto of President Ivan Gasparovic concerning the revised Income Tax Act, which has a strong impact on next year’s budget.

Parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik called the session for 21 December after the President put forward his opinion at the last minute. Sulik is not happy about the situation, but because of the importance of the law to next year’s budgetary projections, the session had to be convened or the revision will not enter into force on 1 January 2011 as proposed.

In parliament the support of 76 MPs is required to overturn the veto, but the coalition should manage this in spite of the encroaching Christmas holidays.

President Gasparovic vetoed the revision, calling for changes to be made. He wants the special tax on emissions, AAU, to be eliminated from the revision as it is not fully justified in his opinion.

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