St. Patrick’s Day Events This Week

The Irish community in Slovakia is getting ready for its annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day (17 March), with a rich programme of events and concerts to produce a fun atmosphere.

Festivities get underway on Wednesday already, with a special St. Patrick’s Day Quiz Night at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bratislava from 6.30 pm.

On Thursday 14 March, in Bratislava you can enjoy a beer-tasting session with Celtic music from Keltieg at Cafe Scherz, starting at 6 pm, while in Nitra there is rich programme of events at the UKF, followed by live music and a quiz in the evening.

Things start heating up on Friday with a St. Patrick’s Day party at Goblins Bar in Bratislava, where a perfect atmosphere is guaranteed (don’t drink too much of the green Guinness!).

The St, Patrick’s celebrations culminate on Saturday 16th at Eurovea shopping centre in Bratislava, with concerts from 12.00. Keltic Kurrent will be opening the show (our very own editor in chief John Boyd on guitar and the highly talented Zuzana Cenkerova on violin) with some lively Irish and Celtic songs. They will be followed by the Raw Bishops and The Dlahas, with performances also by Bratislava-based Irish dance group Avalon.

So don’t miss out and get along to Eurovea or any of the other events to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true style.


  1. Time for hoot of the day …One involves me parking in Shopping Center in the Old Town, which I will tell some other day, the other is a news report that the General Prosecutor’s Office crazy claim that Roman Kvasnica, the lawyer of beaten up Hedviga Malinová….did organise the international meeting of psychiatrists who assessed the case of his client. ??

    The General Prosecutor said that such behaviour ( ie organising a conference, I assume ) could be perceived as influencing the public. Experts from several countries found a potential forcible hospital examination of Malinová’s mental state unethical.

    Amazing eh ?

    Of course, the announcement that was made at a press conference 6 years ago by then and current interior minister Robert Kaliňák and Prime Minister Robbie Fico, at which Kaliňák said that “it is beyond doubt that the case did not happen”, supporting his claims with several pieces of what he claimed were evidence, including DNA samples, and where Kaliňák later went on to denounce dear Hedviga M, as a pathological liar …..all that could never be perceived as influencing the public then ?????????

    This wooden top country gets ever more bonkers !

  2. St Patrick’s day is better marketed than Coca Cola.I don’t understand why anyone other than the Irish can get emmotionally involved.I think it is sad that true Celtic culture is denegrated by such hype.

    1. There, there now Smug, good to see you`re back to your Mr Grumpy self again …all that being Pani Nice was not good for you eh?

      Celtic culture ….what the heck is that BTW ??….Sod Cutting, or Better Potato growing ??

      1. Ah Georgie it’s more than that! Ireland has some of the best musicians in the world, wonderful dancing, ‘the craic’ and of course Guinness and fine whiskeys. This event is a nice way to spread the love and hopefully try to show some Slovaks how to enjoy oneself.

        1. ……..mmmmm Ep , just trying to think of good ` Irish Music ` ?? Well that`s other than band like U2 and Sir Van Morrison ? I guess Stiff Little Fingers could considered OK, as they were thought by some ( quite wrongly imho) to be the Irish version of The Clash …and I used to like the tune, There`s Whiskey in the Jar, boys are back in town …by the Irish drug addicts, in the 70`s …The Cranberries are yuk, then there is Pyoggies …are they actually all Eire born btw ??

          Btw Whiskey was a Scottish invention and Guinness well , I guess that is the only thing I can think of that is worth admitting to be Irish about ?

      2. Does it hurt georgie to have your head that far up your ass? You’re not only an racially flavored bastered to the Slovaks but also to everyone who isn’t you. What a waste of air your life is….

        1. MrP, clearly your live next the Turd Cleaning Plant , and that bad odor is not only effecting your very small grey matter, but making your mouth breath smell as well . Such awful language from a Mr Pea Brain .

          BTW. Is your Mouthwash not making with the girlies then MrP >?? Having to spend nights at home, making love all alone are we ????

          Such frustration from you .

          1. Sure G, I appear to be the frustrated one on this forum, sure…..

  3. Come along to the quiz George, we’ll see if you’re as smart as you seem to think you are!

    1. The quiz Ep? What a bunch of men in green hats, answering questions, like Why do leopards not like to play hide’n’ seek…….. Because they always get spotted ………………………that should be a breeze, eh? .

      BTW, I am reliably told that the bald, good looking chap between the two green idiots, is our very own JB ….Obviously, just been for his interview in an acting role in The Transporter IV .

      1. BTW, JB , two nasty looking bruising and bumps on the old the head there I see….I would change the bed headboard, if I were you 🙂

      2. And our first quiz contestant tonight is covert George Mitty, a close relative of the infamous Walter Mitty.At the end of round one, you scored a staggering 16 points on the significance of the anus for whinging poms { Southern Englishmen} No doubt the close proximity ofr mouth and brain to your thunder box was a key factor.

        1. Smug, was that a joke ??? Was that little ditty, your actual effort at a small Joke, and at my expense ?? Oh I get it Smug, like humour, but different………

          Smugie sadly I see you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public. I’m already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth and I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you. You used to be arrogant and obnoxious. Now you are just the opposite and you are obnoxious and arrogant.

          Sarcasm is just one more service I offer and make money from.

          Oh I shock myself sometimes , so much wit in one reposte …

  4. I guess this could be fun …well for some ?

    Who are the three idiots in picture on the opening photo BTW ….they look for Slowvak than Irish ?

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