State Budget Shows 40.9% Deficit in April

The Ministry of Finance released figures today showing that the deficit in the state budget was as high as 40.9% more in April this year than last year, as receipts increased by far less than expenses.

The deficit of EUR 1.516 billion was the product of an increase in receipts worth EUR 29.1 billion accompanied by a higher hike in expenses by just EUR 469.3 billion over the year.

The large deficit was forecast, however, with the government planning to spend much more than year than last, meaning expenditure for the first four months of the year only account for 28.6% of the planned outlay.

On a more positive note, VAT collection was higher by EUR 42.2 million compared to the same month last year, as was the levying of excise taxes (EUR 13.5 million higher) and other items.

Slovakia also was a weaker net recipient of EU funding this year, with around EUR 260 million less allocated from the EU budget than the year before.


  1. Stranger and stranger! I read in a competing rag that Slovak media have obtained copies of a “secret report” that indicate that EU funding may be suspended because of serious concerns regarding the administration of funds. This story only hitting the press because it was “secret” until now? – WTF! the full report of the EU auditors, their recommendations and the ultimatum issued to the SVK govt were freely available to all on the Europa website last month – secret my ar*e! Find a giant mushroom, make your own hooch, have a boob job or top yourself (celebs only) and page after page and copious air time are devoted to the non-stories, the serious news is just ignored or picked up weeks later. Do investigative journalists recieve their training at the same college as the police? or are strings being pulled to keep the unsavoury stories from the public?

  2. Shucks! i thought he were real! i guess I’ll miss him turning over, now then!!!!!

  3. After 10 ears, Like a meth addict on welfare. its gonna be hard for those politics to get used to less free EU money, and the associated brown envelops that came with allocating it. Its gonna be time to raid the family silver!!! Jánošík will turn in his grave!!

    1. Jano was a mythical figure you dope ….talk of meth addicts .

  4. Not exactly rocket science …..just balancing the books.

    Time to pay your own way begging Slowvaks ….

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