State Paid for 3.5 Tons of Non-Existent Food

A case has come to light involving the supply of food basics to the needy in which the state will pay for around 3.5 tons of food that it didn’t receive, and which probably never existed in the first place.

A contract disclosed by TV Markiza shows that the state will have to pay for the food in any case because of an addendum that includes a dodgy clause. Basically, because the state did not collect the goods by 27 February, it has lost the right to the goods or its money, and the contract is deemed fulfilled and so the state even has to return the performance bond put up by the company.

photo (c) Sherool

The system of providing pasta and flour to the poorest segment of the population was set up under the government of Iveta Radicova, and was welcomed by the recipients, even with the various problems experienced. The suspect addendum was entered to by the Agricultural Payment Agency at the end of November 2011, which was after her government had fallen.

Former agriculture minister from the Most-Hid party, Zsolt Simon, says he remembers the addendum, but not what was contained in it. Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Magda Toth Zelenakova, told the TV station that the situation is being analysed and that they  have reason to believe that the products were never produced from the designated wheat, which was paid for by the European Union. She says they do not expect to find the food in the company’s warehouse, while the company is refusing to allow access to it, according to the TV report.

Possibly another clever way of ripping off honest taxpayers, while certain people can literally have their cake and eat it.


  1. How much Wonga did this little enterprise cost the EU?

  2. The government official who signed this clause riddled contract no doubt has been shown the door, along with his/her guide dog!

  3. Whilst providing food aid to the needy is generaly a good idea I really do not understand the need for it in the SK. One department of the govt. is trying to force the poor to spend their benefits only on food, not fags and booze while another department gives them free food and increases their “disposable income”. The fact the govt. has had to pay for non-existent food is of no suprise given the other forms of corruption associated with this hairbrained sceme. I have seen with my own eyes the staff responsible for the food distribution happily loading it into business vehicles ( Sign written – such and such restaurant! ) and I have no doubt this happens in other areas of the SK.

  4. Food aid?, FOOD AID! FOOD AID IN THE F*CKING E.U.? PROVIDED BY A SUPPOSEDLY RIGHT OF CENTRE GOVERNMENT. Holy mother of bullshit communist ideas.

  5. So, just add it to the list of fraud and other moves made by dishonest Slovaks … there no Slovak trustworthy in this country ?

    Que another story from our resident female Lord Haw Haw , about happy, shiney Slovak people , filled with goodness and positive thoughts and how thrilled she was when they all chased all over and jump lead started her and her car .

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