State secretary Svejna resigns over Hayek affair

Svejna resigns to the disappointment of Bugar (photo (c) John Boyd)

The State secretary of the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications, Ivan Svejna (Most-Hid) announced at a press conference today that he will resign from his post due to the recent affair surrounding the company Hayak Consulting.

Svejna has already notified transport minister Jan Figel, and the Prime Minister was informed by Most-Hid party chief, Bela Bugar. Svejna says he made the decision himself for the good of his party and his former colleagues from the F.A. Hayek Foundation.

Bela Bugar said he regretted Svejna’s departure from the post, but that he was glad about Svejna’s return to parliament at least, as he will sit on the financial committee. Bugar also expressed his appreciation of Svejna’s decision.

Both Svejna and his coalition colleague from SaS, Martin Chren, have been under pressure to resign since the disclosure of potential crony contracts and a conflict of interests.

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