State symbols to remain in classrooms

The revision of the Act on State Symbols that was initiated by some MPs from ruling coalition parties Most-Hid, SaS and SDKU was rejected in parliament yesterday.

With 73 of 140 attending MPs voting in favour of the proposal by Brano Ondrus from opposition party Smer-SD to discontinue discussions on the proposed amendment, the revision has been shelved.

Four MPs from the coalition voted to end the discussions, including Miroslav Beblavy from SDKU who was one of those to initiate the revision in the first place. It turned out that Beblavy had made a mistake, but his protests to the session chair came too late.

The main point behind the revision was to cancel the obligation for every classroom in the country to display state symbols (flag, anthem and preamble of the Constitution).

Among other things, the Act on State Symbols orders schools to play the national anthem at the beginning and end of the school year. The same rule applies to the opening and concluding sessions of parliament, government and local government.

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