Sulik: Black Day for Democracy as Parliament Passes ESM

The one-party government of Robert Fico will be proud of itself today after it steamrolled accession to the new European Stability Mechanism (ESM) through parliament just before lunchtime, despite a wave of criticism from the opposition, and not without some friction and rule-breaking.

Richard Sulik (c) The Daily

The most outspoken critic of the ESM, head of the SaS party Richard Sulik, has been appealing to MPs all week to postpone the ESM vote, and made a final emotional plea in parliament, pointing out how there was no rush and how even the German president is refusing to endorse it until the German Constitutional Court produces its findings on the ESM agreement, which it is questioning.

With the Smer-SD majority government very much in favour of the ESM, though, attempts to stall the vote further were halted by parliamentary speaker Pavol Paska, who refused even to allow the SaS party and the OLaNO party of Igor Matovic from convening a caucus meeting, even though the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure demand that he respect such a request immediately if at least two parties call for it.

So ignoring the rules of procedure, Paska called for the ESM vote to go ahead anyway, with the following outcome:

Present: 144

In favour: 118

Against: 20

Abstained: 5

(1 no vote)

So Slovakia is now bound to the ESM bailout fund, with all its imperfections and disputed conditions. Slovakia’s initial cash deposit to the new fund will be around EUR 660 million, but it has bound itself to as much as EUR 5.7 billion.

After the vote, a disgusted Richard Sulik said Slovak parliament had surrendered its sovereignty today as 118 MPS had stuck their heads in a noose that there is no escape from, as there is no way to withdraw from the ESM. On the subject of how parliamentary speaker Pavol Paska had disrespected the rules of procedure, Sulik called it a black day for democracy and for Slovakia.


  1. Sorry Mr Sulik that is what is called democracy, even it does not suit you . The vote for was 6 to1for the action . Fckwit, dimwitted Slowvaks voted Fico in to power.

    Perhaps next time you think cause an election Herr Sulik 2.5 years earlier, as you are the minority party, in a coalition govenrnment, than you have too, over a matter of mood swings and ego…you may just like to think again and that you are not the most important person you believe you are .

  2. How much of that 660 million will they pay this year? From what I understand they have two years to pay this? I’m curious how this will impact the budget – does any of this money come from a ministry, or does it bypass all the ministries?

  3. I wonder how many places in the TI league tables this has cost the Sk?
    A disgrace but typical, no doubt BnM will continue in his destruction of democracy in this country unopposed.
    Gaspar the Ghost should drag himself away from the TV and deal with Paska – fat chance!

  4. Paska again….his own stupid, brazen arrogant decision or was the ‘puppet’ of Fico (as all Smer members are).
    Not forgetting the clown Dušan Jarjabek who is masterminding the removal of the RTVS chief.
    If SMER can win an outright majority with ‘their man/woman/ not being at the helm of the public/radio TV service, it speaks volume of their tinpot megalomaniac paranoia that they still need to have ‘their man’ in charge of radio/TV.

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