Sulik calls for plan B to the Euro

"We should have a Plan B" (c) The Daily

Euro zone members will definitely be picking up the voices coming from Slovakia that are speculating about a plan B, should the euro currency get into real trouble.

Speaker of parliament and head of coalition party SaS, Richard Sulik, wrote in daily Hospodarske Noviny that it was about time Slovakia “stopped blindly trusting the talk of eurozone decision-makers and draw up a plan B”. Sulik also wrote: “As we are too small a country to influence the action of the European Union, we must at least protect the values that the people living in Slovakia have created, and are creating”.

Sulik then took swipes at the euro and eurozone rules, saying they were not applied equally to everyone. He also felt that pulling countries out of debt using the EFSF was irresponsible, arguing that it was possible to save Greece and Ireland in this way, even Portugal, but that “trying to rescue Spain would be playing hazard with the euro”. He pointed also to Italy, which has half as much debt again as Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain combined!

Even finance minister Ivan Miklos, when asked whether the return of the Slovak koruna was feasible, admitted that this was a possibility, but he also says that keeping the euro alive and strong in circulation is paramount. Although saying it is important to be ready for any scenario, Miklos feels it is not the time for speculations. He said the euro could be saved without a special mechanism if everyone just stuck to the rules.

Prime Minister Iveta Radicova said it is not appropriate or necessary to prepare a plan B to the euro just now.


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