Sulik: Fico Changing Ambassadors Over Fear of Losing Election

The decision yesterday by the government led by Prime Minister Robert Fico to replace as many as ten Slovak ambassadors abroad indicates that he is afraid of losing the presidential elections, where he is a candidate, claims head of the Freedom and Solidarity party (SaS), Richard Sulik.

SaS head Richard Sulik (c) The Daily.SK

The move means outgoing President Ivan Gaspatovic can endorse the appointments before the new president takes up office. Fico is leading in the polls, but has lost a lot of ground to Andrej Kiska, who is now expected to join Fico in the second round two weeks later.

Sulik says the same in respect of the recent changes approved to the Constitution, which deprives the president of certain powers in respect of the judiciary. The replacement of the ten ambassadors was instigated by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, but minister Miroslav Lajcak rejects any political motive behind the unusual move or that it was anything linked to this weekend’s presidential elections.


  1. BnM will not like his thrashing, Teddy will be right of the pram! I think Slimsedg is right – watch for the rushed legislation to nueter the President. After observing Glorious Leader’s demeanour after the result was announced I think he and many of his SMER bandits will have toilet rolls in the chiller – the potential prospect of a President who may actually use his powers to have the goings on in Parliament investigated, or just say No!, can not be a happy scenario.

  2. Yep! Robing Fagin got a proverbial kick in the spuds!
    With this going down to the wire, im pretty sure Gaspo the Gimp will receive orders to pull out those pens he’s been stashing, ready to sign urgent legislation, to constitutionally self neuter himself, for fear Kiska, comes knocking on the door!!!

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