Sulik holds an ace in the Hayek affair

Sulik and Radicova face off over Hayek affair

Political analyst Rastislav Toth spoke to TASR news wire yesterday, saying the ‘Hayek Group affair’ could be an ace in the hands of the SaS party at the negotiating table.

Toth feels that if SaS chairman Richard Sulik isn’t offered something in return for recalling state secretary Martin Chren over the Hayek affair, he will stand firm behind Chren instead.

Toth believes that in politics it is always something for something, whether it is a personal nomination, access to funds, property or anything else as ‘compensation’.

Because of the stand-off between the SaS against PM Radicova’s insistence that Chren be removed from his post, the SaS could be in a position to take advantage of the situation, because otherwise the coalition could even fall apart with its departure.

Toth referred to SaS as being like “pampered children”, while saying that the PM was playing tough, even in the face of potentially losing the majority in parliament. Toth believes that the PM has something to prove now, and that she would lose face if she doesn’t get some sort of victory.

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