Sulik Kicked Out as House Speaker; Replaced By Hrusovsky

Richard Sulik (c) The Daily

The roller-coaster week in Slovak politics continues with the latest chapter seeing Richard Sulik from the SaS party, which refused to support the EFSF bill, dislodged from his post as parliamentary chairman.

Sulik was recalled as parliamentary chairman and replaced by Pavol Hrusovsky from KDH thanks to 115 votes in favour late last night. In response to his dismissal, Sulik said that he accepted it with humility and that it was the price he “had to pay for taking a principled stance”. He added that he was willing to pay that price anytime.

Sulik’s ‘former’ coalition partners are doing everything to swipe any power from under the feet of Sulik and his ministers, who also look set for the chop once President Ivan Gasparovic recalls them at the request of PM Iveta Radicova.

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