Sulik Meets Czech Counterpart to Develop Ties

The recent proposal to boost co-operation between the Czech and Slovak parliaments is moving forward as the parliamentary speakers form both countries met to discuss the practical aspects of the co-operation.

Richard Sulik (c) The Daily

Yesterday Slovak parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik met with his Czech counterpart Miroslava Nemcova, who informed that Czech MPs were also keen to find out more about the process of Slovakia’s accession to the eurozone, something the Czech Republic has been putting off.

Nemcova informed that Czech parliamentary committees on budgetary issues and on EU affairs are expected to make a visit to Slovakia soon to discuss specific issues with their Slovak counterparts.

Both Sulik and Nemcova agreed that relations between the two countries are excellent, while noting that there are no longer any disputed issues between Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Nemcova also met up with Slovak PM Iveta Radicova and Presdient Gasparovic.

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