Sulik proves to Fico that he doesn’t do drugs

Yesterday, parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik (SaS) went to the special drug addiction centre in Bratislava voluntarily to undergo a full drugs test, in response to recent comments made by SMER-SD chairman, Robert Fico, that his party “should stop their cocaine parties”.

Sulik decided to take the tests just to prove that he wasn’t doing drugs. The tests, which covered a wide range of different drugs including marijuana, proved negative. He made a special request for a laboratory test on any use of cocaine, which also proved negative. “I’ve never ever used cocaine,” said Sulik, and he also challenged that any member of his SaS party was willing to do the same tests, costing EUR 70 a time.

Sulik said Fico had gone too far this time with his accusations about cocaine parties, while pointing to the lack of political culture. He said he would not seek any retribution, however, either in the form of an apology or through criminal charges against Fico.

One thing he is demanding, though, is that Fico take a lie detector test regarding the recording that was disclosed just before the elections. The recording, which allegedly contains Fico’s voice, talks about illegal parallel party financing before his election victory back in 2006.

Fico insisted outright that it was not him on the recording, and with regard to the challenge made by Sulik, his party commented that it would not react to Mr. Sulik’s demand.

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