Sulik requests Fico to defend state in lawsuits

Richard Sulik (c) The Daily

Slovakia is facing three hefty lawsuits from health insurance companies because of the actions of the former government, which while in power deprived them of their right to claim profit from public health insurance.

Now the state has to defend itself before the Constitutional Court on 26 January, and so parliamentary speaker Richard Sulik has requested former PM, Robert Fico, to deal with the task. Fico always made it clear that he looked forward to the lawsuits and that he was sure Slovakia would win them.

Fico is entitled to accept or reject the role, though, and he has already said that Sulik should deal with the task himself. Sulik will be out of the country at that time and so he chose Fico as he is a lawyer and also deputy speaker of parliament.

In 2008 Fico’s government amended the law over which the insurers Apollo, Dovera and Union are now trying to claim compensation from Slovakia.

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