Sulik says EU operates like pure socialism

On the TV Markiza political talk show Na telo, head of the SaS party and parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik referred to the European Union as pure socialism, making reference to the massive loan afforded to Greece.

Richard Sulik (c) The Daily

Slovakia caused a bit of an outcry among other EU member states by being the only country to refuse to grant the loan to Greece. Sulik said that although this may have blackened the image of Slovakia a little, it saved the country millions of euro.

Sulik is disturbed by the way things work in the EU, with nobody standing out of line to criticise and everyone just acting as if everything was fine. He went on to say how when joining the EU, Slovakia had not agreed to consent to everything and pay for Greek pensions, for instance.

Sulik made his comments in response to the attacks of his opponent on the programme and predecessor, Pavol Paska, who strongly criticised the attitude of Sulik and the current coalition in relation to the EU.

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