Sulik Says Regulator is Like Tail Wagging the Dog

Parliamentary speaker Richard Sulik has spoken out against the head of the national regulatory authority URSO, Jozef Holjencik, saying he is clinging on to his post just like Stefan Harabin does as head of the Supreme Court and the Judicial Council.

Richard Sulik (c) The Daily

Sulik referred to Holjencik as the “Harabin of the energy sector” in reference to the fact that both men were put into their posts by the former government, with it being very difficult to dislodge them. Sulik blames Holjencik for the highest electricity distribution rates in Europe, for instance, and says he should be dismissed immediately.

Sulik is calling for something to be done as Holjencik sits at the top of the Board for Regulation and has also been running the regulator itself ‘temporarily’ for the past four years as interim head, meaning he has almost unlimited powers there.

Sulik said the situation is like the “tail wagging the dog” and that something has to be done about such a state of affairs as soon as possible.


  1. I guess hot air does not come cheap, judging by previous blasts of old guff

  2. John, I think you miss my point . Just Heating & Hot water were twice the cost of running a family home …not the same . I have experience of this . No wonder the likes of Penta and people close to SDKU people are queuing up to buy theses services . A captive market of heat provider , of people all with collective responsibility to pay the building invoice ( and contribute ) that just have to suck it and see . I suggested we consider a working group to look into solar panels or installing our own boilers , so we we in control matters rather than the Heating Company….the Slovaks talked for THREE hours because everyone just has to say something or have an opinion…even it be drivel. ( sorry me being cynical ) . In the end, they decided to decide next time ??

    As for the electric company cutting you off at short notice , I have no real problem with that , as it is a business , not a human right or a social service , just pay your bill ! Having been in Slovak court for 3.5 years over a unpaid invoice , what approach would you take to quick debt collection ?? ….You want light,then guys . put a coin in the Meter slot (even in advance ) and there you go !

  3. Basically the companies that supply heat to households have their gas purchase price regulated, but then they can add on other charges etc, and it is true that sometimes a flat can pay as much as a house, also because houses are classed as ‘large’ consumers and so get a better rate.
    What bothers me, and it is something that I want to focus my attention on, is how the big telecom, gas, water and electricity companies are ready to disconnect supply regardless of the amount owed or how long you have been their client etc. They do this a few days after a reminder has been sent. The irony is, they cut you off for not paying the quarterly advance payment, so in effect you don’t even owe them anything. I believe there should be a minimum debt set before they can do this.

  4. I dont know if this Jozef Holjencik regulates the City Heating Company’s as well? I just got a Heating & Hot water statement ( using gas ) for a flat , that was TWICE the cost of running the same services in a family house !!!

    Only in Slovakia ……….

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