Sulik Shoots Back at Kover’s Military Talk

Making a public announcement today regarding the comments of his Hungarian counterpart Laszlo Kover, Slovak parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik hit back at the ‘war talk’ on potential military attacks.


Richard Sulik not happy with Kover's statements (c) The Daily

Sulik declared that “the mere threat of some military intervention or its implication has no place in the vocabulary of amicable neighbours”. He was reacting to comments made in an interview with Kover in Czech daily Hospodarske Noviny, where he implied that the current government in Hungary was capable of considering a military attack on Slovakia.

Sulik retorted that comments like that belong to the 19th century and were only designed to distract attention from “Hungary’s international isolation” caused by its Hungarian expansion policy.  Sulik pointed to the Good Neighbours Agreement between the two countries and their mutual involvement in the EU and NATO, saying comments like Kover’s were senseless and only produced tension.

Using sharper rhetoric, Sulik then challenged Kover to approach the allies who won World War I if he wanted to change the Treaty of Trianon, also referring to Kover’s claim that Hungary would formally be entitled to use military force as Slovakia had breached its territory when building the Gabcikovo dam. Klover had also said that Slovakia only existed thanks to the Treaty of Trianon.


  1. Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. Oh Please …the IOM TT event hardy gets a mention on TV and in the newspapers as sporting event, well unless some plank sticks his bike into stone wall and ends up as dead as pancake . Then it is news .

    Quite why anyone can think it is ‘have a life’ to stand on a windy, cold island, in the middle of the Irish sea, watching men on motorbikes wizz by their toes al la vroooom gone, vrooom gone, is totally beyond my comprehension . It must be like watching paint drying .

    Perhaps it is the sniff of petrol fumes that makes you all so bonkers .

    As for Slovaks being interested in the race ……..well Huh ???

    I guess if you cannot hold yourself , we will have a report on the TT , although I would have been far more interested in hearing your personal research in to the Brothel run by the two Slovak Girls .

  3. George, the daily is a new service for Slovaks and Ex-pats alike. The T.T is an International event that is popular with Slovaks as well as the international community, just like American football, hockey, soccer, Moto G.P, Dakar and F1 alike. I am surprised I need to point that out to a self professed globe trotting intellectual as yourself.

  4. Looks like you caught a huge wide eyed bass there George . 🙂

  5. Oh you’re that kind of teacher …..10/10 for observation, zero for intelligence 🙂

  6. George, sorry, that’s a bit cryptic for me. Unkept or unkempt?

  7. Joey who ?

    Not sure an IofM TT race has anything to do with Slovakia ? Why would we find some ego Biker reporting interesting? Perhaps you should stick to the peat bog turf cutting Championships or potato gathering World Cup, as your chosen subjects for Slovak Mastermind . You would get lots more home support .

    James, well at least I will know how to recognise you , as the only unkept man in the room .

  8. Laszlo Kover V Jan Slota. Saturday night Prime Time.
    Two spiked bats a small room and Maggie Thatcher to referee.
    George to face the winner. 🙂
    Nice to see you missed me George, sorry but some people actually have lives and things such as the Isle of Man TT to attend. Article to follow re the T.T
    Still just not the same with out Joey.

  9. Thought I’d hinted at it before. Feel free to make your assumptions, George, I’m happy with the truth as it is.

  10. Oh you’re a teacher , that explains a lot ……….real one, or no other job available to me Language one ???

  11. Bagpuss, about what your father-in-law said, I can see that it might have come from the kind of arrogance (or ignorance) caused by years of isolation and lack of understanding of how it really works beyond the borders. You still hear that kind of thing, though I’d say the best example of it is actually a Czech, ie Mr Klaus, who seems to think he and his nation are God’s gift and puts across a ‘they need us, we don’t really need them’.

    In fairness, though, I do know people from here who pulled pints or flipped burgers when they first went to the UK but then worked their way up in an organisation. And a few of my secondary school students go and do well in decent universities over there. So perhaps you were generalising just a bit(?)

    The posturing over the Hungarian issue as shown by Mr Sulik is, as you say, borne of a need to demonstrate that he’s a good, strong Slovak to natural supporters of Fico, Slota but I’d maintain that the deeper national angst over this and other ‘existential’ matters actually does stem from insecurity. You often hear, after all, the ‘we’re only a small nation that’s been subjected by others for our entire existence bla bla bla’ stance from Slovak people.

    As I said, I’m only real debating terms (or perhaps trying to show my amateur psychologist credentials) as I agree with both you and George on the main points at stake.

  12. Not sure I agree with you James on the ‘weak’ people comment . There is a need in Slovakia ( among political figures anyway ) to show how much more Slovak they are, to other Slovaks . I agree with George and the arrogance of Slovaks. I once was told by my father in law,an educated political man, that the EU really needed Slovakia and the EU begged them to join ??? I was dumbfounded ? I asked why ? He said it was because they had a well and better educated workforce and the EU needed such people as clever Slovaks. I asked why was it was then all the jobs coming to Slovakia were assembly line car makers ( spanner & drills jobs ) or those going to the UK were only getting jobs as pub pint pullers or burger flippers ? He said it was not true and I insulted ALL Slovaks by making such a claim ….the conversation sorta died after that .

  13. I agree with the basic points made here and perhaps this will seem to be a pointless argument over terms but I think we ARE talking about a sense of inferiority and insecurity. These things can often come across as arrogance, just as individuals who feel the need to show strength do it becaue they know they’re basically weak.

    The same with George’s points about the Gay Pride. Criticisms of the embassies who supported it stem from the insecurity Slovakia feels from the fear that its peoples’ hearts and minds are more likely to be won by foreign representatives than by their own leaders. I completely share the contempt at those criticisms, though.

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  15. Bagg , I dont know about lack of confidence , more like arrogance from this puffed up little enclave of self important people . There is always this almost desperate ‘ need ‘ to respond !!

    I read today several well-known Slovak ‘personalities’ had the ghoul to write a joint letter to foreign diplomats in Slovakia , actually criticsing them for supporting the demands of Gays, prior to the second Gay Pride event in Ba last weekend Most of these signatures are neo- Conservative nutters and Catholic bum lickers.

    “Your support for these demands is surprising and we don’t consider it to be propitious. By supporting them, you have intervened in an internal political debate in Slovakia and went beyond your diplomatic role,” states the letter, as quoted by TASR.

    The authors of the letter also state that the demands raised by the Gay Pride organisers exceed the legislative framework of many countries from which the ambassadors in question come…..and so what ?? Slovakia is far behind in almost every piece of human rights legislation law …the Slovak courts either ignore the implementation of new guidelines, or just dismiss the case .

  16. Yes, the other parallel here with the whole Fox News US thing is that Sulik feels the need to look macho in response to the comments, implied comments, non-comments or whatever they were, otherwise he’ll have nutters like Fico, Slota et al banging on about how the coalition is ‘soft on Hungary’.
    Just like Obama needs regular macho gestures of his own to prove he isn’t the terrorists’ best friend.

    The Economist (I think) nailed Slovakia and Hungary pretty well around the time of the Hungarian president’s unofficial ‘visit’ and Slovakia’s attempt to stop it two years or so ago. Can’t recall the exact quote but something along the lines that there few things more unattractive than two small countries screaming pointless insults at each other.

  17. Slovakia’s inferiority complex just goes on and on . This desperate need to respond or offer reply to Attila the Klover’s ( he of the walrus tash ) newspaper comments , just shows how paranoid this nation still is today. Did Klover actually say what he did , or was this a Czech newspaper being liberal with the translation, or his English to sell newsprint ??

    This is all rather like Fox New(speak) in the USA, the Republican spin doctor and PR arm. Find a half quote, or innocent mumble from some Democrat political figure and then make up the facts fit the story into ‘something we should be concerned about as real American’s ‘ , even forming in to a lead TV headline story , which the public then actually start to believe is true .

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