Sulik to have head of security authority investigated

Parliamentary speaker and head of the SaS party, Richard Sulik, has called on the Special Oversight Committee for the National Security Authority to check whether the head of the authority, Frantisek Blanarik, can hold the post legitimately or not.

"no secret police in my party" (c) The Daily

Sulik said today that he would take action if it is shown that Blanarik has no right to hold the post. Blanarik’s troubles started after daily SME claimed that during communism he had grassed on a group of military counterintelligence friends, and that two years ago the opposition had demanded former PM Robert Fico to recall Blanarik from the post.

Sulik  pointed out that there were many people in civil and public service who had collaborated with the former secret police, the StB, and that it made no sense overturning all stones. Following the elections, Sulik had told Blanarik that if he did his job properly, Sulik himself would not initiate any action.

Sulik said that he knew of no violations or breaches on Blanarik’s part in the eight months since the current coalition took up power, otherwise he would have done something about it. Blanarik was put in the post by Sulik’s SaS party and official his term of office ends in 2013.

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