Supreme Court Chairman Fined 70% of His Salary

Supreme Court chairman Stefan Harabin is to lose 70% of his income for a period of one year as a disciplinary punishment for systematically refusing to let the Ministry of Finance carry out an audit at the Supreme Court last year.


Harabin's stronghold, the Supreme Court SR (c) The Daily

The verdict of gross misconduct on Harabin’s part was announced yesterday by the Constitutional Court in response to a petition from justice minister Lucia Zitnanska, who will certainly be happy about the small victory over her adversary. Harabin and Zitnanska do not have a good word to say about each other.

Harabin referred to the ruling as a political one, saying he was basically being punished for his legal opinion. Harabin always claimed that the Ministry of Finance had no jurisdiction to conduct the audit, as this was the responsibility of the Supreme Audit Office (NKU).


  1. Hate to admit it, but perhaps I did miss a step …reading the other channel .

    It appears the Supreme Court ( which Hara controls ) gave him the AOK …where it was the Constitutional Court that told him he was not Jesus, but a very naughty boy …..only in Slovakia eh ?

  2. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong on this , but quite how can the Constitutional Court fine Harabin, when they also found he was correct and the NKU were the only body that could legally audit his Offices, not the Minister ???

    Did I miss a step here ??

    1. No George, I don’t think you missed a step. I also found it curious. It seems that you get slapped on the wrist for not doing what you’re told regardless of whether you are right or not.

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