Supreme Court Judges Protest Chairman Harabin’s Candidacy

A group of thirteen Supreme Court judges are protesting against Supreme Court Chairman Stefan Harabin running for the post again, with the judges issuing a public statement against Harabin’s candidacy and probable appointment.

Supreme Court and Judicial Council chairman, Stefan Harabin (c) Martin Domok @

Harabin was nominated to run for the post again by the judges in the Judicial Council, of which Harabin is also head. The Supreme Court judges are protesting that those in the Judicial Council are essentially Harabin’s cronies, and that his nomination “does not represent that of the Supreme Court judges”, who were not even consulted about candidates. There are, however, some 85 judges at the Supreme Court.

They took a shot at Harabin in the statement, saying he had been attacking judges and the whole judiciary. The election of the new head of the Supreme Court will take place on 19 May and Harabin will have some rivals at least, with Justice Minister Tomas Borec planning to put forward his own candidate, while



  1. 85 judges in the Supreme Court.

    God, the U.S supreme court has 9!!

    1. You are thinking of The Constitutional court.
      Supreme court is called constitutional court in some coutries, f.e. Slovakia or Australia. Those courts have fewer judges.

      1. I am not thinking anything…I am reacting to the information above.
        13 judges of the Supreme court signed the petition out of 85. Not talking about the wonderful slovak consitutional court,

    2. Job creation scheme? Constitutional court 20 judges, Supreme Court 85?
      India the largest democracy in world makes do with one court of 31, Germany – 16, UK -12, USA – 9. I don’t think you’re getting value for your hard earned money.

      1. ūüėÄ You’ve just decided to play a guessing game and you are not gonna give up, are you?

        Try again, plank!! How many judges does the SVK Constitutional court have? Give you a hint: it’s fewer than 20 and more than 9.

        1. DC please ignore the troll …feed him at your peril or the website would be carnage ……I call on the web manager to take serious sanctions against AKA Spider ….it would be irresponsible not to do so.

          I thought we all had moved on from calling each other `a plank`and I’ve come across decomposed bodies that are less offensive than him.

          ….time we got rid and early of the Troll Riff-Raff .

          1. Hold your horses Riff-Raff. I’ve NEVER called your boyfriend DC any names that he hasn’t called me first.

            Double standards?

            What about the guessing game, do you wanna play? Hint No.2: the number is odd.

          2. And there Spider was: reigning supreme at even number two. No, Let’s play horse. I’ll be the front end and you be yourself at the rear .

            So Spider make a mental note . . . oh, I see you’re out of paper!

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          3. I hereby call on the forum, to get rid of the Riff-Raff AKA Troll Spider …clearly he is only here to cause trouble ….

            Fellow Forumiees , demand Troll Spider leave the building !

        2. The CC own website proudly boasts 20 judges – they all don’t sit on the bench, apparently the work load is so great they take it in turns. So irrespective of how many actually sit and make decisions your employing 20. The same goes for the Supreme Court, irrespective of the number on the bench, 85 people are getting paid. Published, corroberated facts! SWAG is the reserve of Slowvaks.

          1. Hint No.3: Its fewer than 19. Now COME ON! One of you cretins must guess it right.

  2. One feels there will be the return of madame guillotine to the Supreme Court, no?

    Still lets not cry over internal grief eh ?

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