Supreme Court Overrules Rusovce Mansion Case

The dispute over ownership of Rusovce Mansion estate has taken a new turn after the Supreme Court revoked the 2011 judgement of Bratislava Regional Court and returned the case for re-examination.

The neglected but enchanting Rusovce Mansion

Since 1994 the Order of Saint Benedict (under the Hungarian Benedictine Congregation) has been trying to reclaim title to the property, granted to it by Princess Stephanie of Belgium in her last will and testament almost 70 years ago. The Bratislava Regional Court rejected its claim in 2006, but thanks to the Supreme Court, the monks of Saint Benedict could still reacquire the estate.

The Order filed an appeal to the Supreme Court after it had its claim rejected also by the Constitutional Court in 2008. The Slovak government has been hoping to convert the manor house into representative premises for its own purposes, and even moved forward with its plan to renovate the building by approving the plan in August. This was after the Supreme Court had issued the latest ruling, on 5 June 2012.

Rusovce mansion is not occupied at present and is in fact falling into major disrepair, something the monks are worried about, saying we could lose yet another importance work of architecture. The Slovak Government Office insists that everything is in order, with the 13.5 hectares of land and property being registered in its name on the respective title deeds, having been confirmed also by the courts.

In the twentieth century, the mansion and estate were owned by Hungarian Prince Elemer Lonyay, husband to Princess Stéphanie of Belgium, widow of Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria-Hungary. The couple lived in the mansion till early 1945. Lonyay, who died in Budapest in 1946, left the estate to the Benedictine Order, who had given refuge to him and his wife during the last weeks of World War II at Pannonhalma Archabbey.


  1. Rusovce mansion belongs to the Slovak people . Come the revolution the Chairman and those elected from the National party will decide the fate of this beloved palace .

    1. You are English, not Slovak, stop embarrassing yourself and the great country you represent!

      1. Your name will be added to the list of Slovak triators, and you will be placed on the road of Lorraine cross that run from glorious east to west .

        I am SpartAcus .

        1. No, I am Spartacus ….

          But Blimmy Ga Ga , you`ve got your work cut out nailing all those `look who did us wrong ` people to that many crosses . Still, I could think or far worse Slowvak job creation schemes .

    2. GooGoo – someone left the rubber room unlocked again, tut,tut.
      So you and your kind subscribe to the theft of other peoples’ property for the “state” – seem to remember that being the policy of both the Nazis and the commies, so which of those vile groups do you belong. Intersting you talk about elected officials because neither system allowed any opposition so I presume the people will have only one candidate from the ” National Party” to vote for and those who don’t vote will be branded traitors because they don’t subscribe to your lunacy. It could be that your one of those blinkered fools who actually believe things were better under a totalitarian state regime where a select few decided what was best for everyone else, and I can’t blame you. Democracy has been abused here in the Sk, mainly by those who used to stand under the red banner, but that does not mean it can not be made to work correctly. If you and others joined forces to push for real reforms in your current system and made the politicians and state workers truly accountable to the people for their actions you may eventually create a country fit for its people. Harking back to a failed, corrupt system is not the answer.
      BTW – It was Sparticus and his followers ( the revolutionaries) who were crucified along the Appennine Way, so be careful what you wish for.
      And stop having a go at Losgar, he does post relevant comments on the topic at hand ( sometimes), not the lunatic rantings that you pen.
      As for your fantasy revolution – it took almost fifty years for you lot to start shaking your keys as an act of defiance, so your dream of the people rising up is about as likely as you winning an award for political comment.

      1. Dave mate, your loosing it …….local shops give better service ( huh ? ) , Loghead is posting relevant comments (huh ?) ……

        What happened pal, did you eat the beef ….sorry pork in error ????

        1. George – Loggie’s comments are normally like a shaft of gold in the darkness ( bat urine) but compared to fruitcake GooGoo he is an Sk Oracle.
          On the service side, yes some shops have the ambience of a morgue during the plague and model their customer service on the reception procedures at Dachau but I have found some where my reserved English politeness and manners have made such an impression on the staff compared to the dower faced, Viking raider type attitude of the other shoppers, that I am greeted with a smile, help with my purchases and friendly chit-chat. The same goes for the pubs and cafes I frequent. The simple act of always taking my glass or cups back to the bar and leaving my table tidy has paid dividends, I’m now treated like royalty and always get excellent, friendly service. It’s an education thing, do unto others and all that, but it works.

          1. Perhaps these smilie Slowvak people are just simpletons DC ? Worse still, perhaps with all your out of sinc politeness and glass & cup carrying, they believe you are the smilie simpleton ???

            Yes I know It’s an education thing, but we in the old EU, would get more response from a trained chimp . Do unto others and all that, sounds more like don`t get mad, get even 🙂

  2. It will end up a tesco store

  3. Oh come on DC , you don`t understand ?

    This Palace was `first stolen` from the glorious `Slowvak` nation ( that did not exist then ) by those nasty Hungary people …some 100 years ago. I mean wars, signed treaty and allocation of lands after battles don`t count, when in suits you in Slowvakia, dont you know ?

  4. I really don’t understand how the state and its’ courts can just take someones property.
    Who ever “owns” it should get it repaired and brought back into use but I can’t help the feeling that such a prime site in BA has been earmarked for “developement”. No doubt with the usual “thank you” gifts and backhanders will be the subject of reporting at some time in the future.

  5. Could they just not share the Building ?

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