Suspected Mine Found Under Danube at Site of New Bridge

There has been some concern since June regarding the dismantling of the Stary Most bridge in Bratislava over fears that there may be some live bombs hidden under the water near the pillars, which are all that now remain of the bridge across the Danube.

Stary Most bridge in ots former glory, photo: Wizzard

These concerns led to a halt in work and could prove justified as four objects have been discovered using high-tech sonar scanning equipment that could turn out to be bombs. Bratislava Mayor Milan Ftacnik said at a press conference today that one of the objects resembles a ship mine. Worst luck is that the suspected mine is next to one of the pillars that are supposed to be kept for the new bridge.

The mayor informed that the other three objects, which could be some kind of explosive devices, would remain where they are as they are a few metres under the river bed itself. The solution to the situation will most likely rest with the Ministry of Interior, which should decide on how to deal with the suspect object, so work on the new bridge may resume as soon as possible.

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