Svejna’s resignation doesn’t sway SaS stance

In reaction to the resignation of Ivan Svejna over the Hayek affair, the ruling SaS party has stated through its spokeswoman Tatiana Tothova that it still sees no reason for its nominee in the post of State secretary with the Ministry of Economy, Martin Chren, to stand down.

Tothova justified the stance by saying Chren had given a full explanation of the matter, and so any decision about political liability should be left up to the pending investigation of the Supreme Audit Office (NKU).

Tothova informed that Svejna’s decision had not been consulted with them or with Chren and that his grounds for resigning could simply have been due to the media pressure, and so the position of the SaS remains unchanged.

Chren and Svejna have been under pressure to resign since the disclosure of potential crony contracts and a conflict of interests concerning Hayek Consulting.

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