Swiss offer to build national football stadium

A Swiss company called Hidber Consultants has offered to build the national football stadium in Bratislava, which has been hindered by various obstacles.

The company already has a proven track record, having built stadiums in Bern and Basel, which were then the venues for European championships. It sent a proposal to finance minister Ivan Miklos and Bratislava mayor Andrej Durkovsky in July, reports daily SME today.

Recently the majority shareholder of Slovan Bratislava FC, Ivan Kmotrik, said he would build the stadium with his own money, after the government made it clear that it would not finance the project.

Head of construction company Doprastav, Ivan Sestak, expressed his confusion as to why the government had not replied to the Swiss company’s offer, but it could be because the finance minister did not forward the proposal to the education minister, who is responsible for sports issues now.


  1. Kmotrik to build a new stadium with his own money, haha. He might have some nice flats and a shopping centre built tho, which I personally think would be the best option, given that its Slovan.

  2. 3 months have passed and you haven’t had the decency to even reply?! Come on, sort it out!

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