Teachers Protest Nationwide but Caplovic Hears Not

Teachers out in protest (c) The Daily.SK

Thousands of teachers headed for the streets today instead of the classroom in a nationwide strike over pay demands, but the government and education minister Dusan Caplovic are not willing to budge on their proposed 5% hike, while the teachers are demanding 10%.

Education minister Caplovic: 5% is all you get (c) Pavol Freso

Teachers made their voice heard at public demonstrations in major towns and cities, with up to 5,000 congregating in Bratislava, but their calls are falling on deaf ears. Minister Caplovic merely said that he respected the teachers right to strike, but that he had no intention of backing down from the offer of a 5% pay hike, which he referred to as generous in a time of crisis and all that the state could afford.

Naturally, all schools support the strike but not all have joined in, as this has come down to a question of how individual schools and teachers are able to deal with the financial burden of the strike itself. Some schools say they can last two days, while others say they can hold out until Christmas.

Overall, the hope is that some quick compromise will be reached to boost the EUR 500-650 monthly salaries that most teachers receive and so bring them more in line with the European benchmark. Ironically, the teachers are too poor even to strike and we can be sure the education minister is also well are of this tactical advantage.


  1. So Jimbo….how was the first day back at school then …?

    Three days pay docked and what did you really achieve, other than an empty fridge ?

    BTW, I seem to have lost my little icon in the corner, any honest suggestion how to get them to re appear ??

  2. Scargill’s not admired universally, he’s seen as a disaster by many ex-miners. Like every good communist he lived the high life on the backs of the workers he was representing. He was never too fond of a ballot box. And is reputed to have had a role in the miners getting ripped off by the law firm employed to chase the mining related compensation claims. Working class hero my arse.

  3. You know more than anyone else about everything George, except humility that is.

    1. Smug, perhaps I have lived, `got involved` in my younger years in many social projects, worked hard, played hard, worked with people that care and many that don`t give plop…and I am in position to know more than most because have political and business contacts, that know the true situation, or at least a credible alternative, even if I am unsure before I post a comment to this forum . My duty in life is to inform, convert, educate the Slowvak ignorant, or help the weak.

      If my confidence in myself just annoys Smug`s like you, then I have done my work . Amen .

  4. Interesting article from the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-20498356

    Sir Michael Barber, Pearson’s chief education adviser, says successful countries give teachers a high status and have a “culture” of education.

    1. Duck, The only culture of Education a teacher can find, is on a yogurt .

  5. It is interesting that the above article cites an average monthly wage of 500 -650 Euros per month compared to some of the other quoted figures of almost half that. The 5% offered is fair, slightly above inflation and far better than many workers hope to achieve. I found the general tone of the demonstrations very telling, all the placards, chants and interviews were all about “Me,me,me” but nothing about the children or system. It harks back to the black days in the UK when workers, particularly in the state controlled sector, demanded pay rises but offered nothing in return.
    The fact that they have chosen to strike just before Christmas is a tad cynical, parents obliged to find child care at short notice will either lose pay or have additional expense which will effect their spending power over the period. The quite bizzarre arrangement made by some schools – we won’t go on strike but will not teach the kids the normal lessons – I can’t see VW or Sony allowing workers to attend work to play cards and still expect to get paid somehow or is this some unique Slovak practice. As for those who claim that they can not afford to go on strike- piffle, smoke and mirrors – as long as some of the teachers are not willing to take industrial action and be carried by those who are, the Govt. have them by the short and curlies.

  6. For all his faults Arthur Scargill was a man of honour and loyally and will forever be revered as much as Thatcher, together with Churchill and Lloyd George,will be despised in the industrial heartlands of the UK

    1. Which bit of English social and industrial history did you miss Smug ? Honour ?? AS , started a national strike, that went on, without a proper National vote, when the coal supplies store was full, during a mild winter, in an effort to keep open coal mines that were just not economical . This was Strike ws more to do with him, being `King` of the Unions, and bringing down the Government, rather than any `jobs` issue . There was no honor in that strike . Having been working with the then Secretary of the Trade Union Congress, Len Murray , I think I know more about this Miners Strike, the real reasons behind it and the social impact of a Strike, than most on this forum .

      and he and his storm troupers tried to intimidate all those that did not agree with him .

  7. This is as daft as the Miners strike and with Scargill leading the troups to total povery, starvation and disaster . The Education minister is also well are of this tactical advantage…..A Strike, a month before Christmas how sensible….. and these striking idiots are teaching the nations Children .

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