Teachers Set to Strike over Pay Conditions

Dissatisfied teachers raise their voices (c) The Daily

As if it wasn’t enough that over one third of doctors have handed in their resignation with effect from 1 December, now the teachers are contemplating going on strike over pay conditions as well.

Around 9,000 teachers held a demonstration in Bratislava in September over pay conditions, and following talks yesterday with education minister Eugen Jurzyca and PM Iveta Radicova, which produced no results except for increasing the wages of non-pedagogic workers, they are not too happy.

A decision will be taken today on whether to go on strike or not if their demand to hike up their salaries to between 1.2x and 1.6x of the average salary is not met.










  1. If people cannot stand up to what they believe, then why did they go to the streets? They might as well stayed home. And then everything would remain the same for the next 20 years

  2. From TASR…Trade unions in the education sector have decided to give up plans to go on strike as the current government lacks a sufficient mandate to comply with their requests, representatives of the trade unions agreed at an extraordinary session of their council on Thursday, November 3.

    “We note that our requests haven’t been met. We had to realise that this government has reduced leeway and powers, and it’s unrealistic that we should push for our long-term requests via a strike,” said vice-chairman of the trade unions Jozef Lužák, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “We’re aware of the fact that a vast number of teachers aren’t happy with things as they are, but we also realise that this government lacks the tools to change this state of affairs substantially,” said Lužák.

    Hurrrummm ……so what with Christmas and New Year and starvation, they would soon come to heel .

  3. I am 67-year old teacher and I must say my salary is worst to try for everyone to survive to know the situation.

  4. Teachers are a useless bunch here . I would lock em out for two months , what with Christmas and New Year and starvation, they would soon come to heel .

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