Teachers Set Up New Trade Union

Disgruntled teachers have decided to set up a new trade union as they are not happy with how they were represented in talks with the government.

9,000 strong protest in September (c) The Daily

The teachers were not happy that the trade union called off a strike alert and so some teachers who joined forces with a petition called “What now teachers?” are setting up a new school trade unions organisation.

One of the initiators of the idea, Ludovit Sebeledi, has said the old trade unions would be happy to see a left-wing government in power after the elections, pointing to the most likely winner, Robert Fico’s Smer-SD party. Sebeledi made it clear, though, that the new trade union would not sway on any particular side of politics.

Sebeledi pointed out how the old trade union did not take the petition seriously, even though it had been signed by around 55,000 school workers, with around 60% of teachers giving their backing to strike action.

The new trade union organisation should be registering with the Ministry of Interior in the very near future, while their demands include earmarking 6% of the GDP to the education sector and hiking up the salaries of teachers to at least 1.2 times the national average.

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