Teachers Still on Strike Alert

Disgruntled teachers in Slovakia have decided to remain on strike alert in the hope of provoking more discussions with the government over pay and other conditions.

Teachers demand more money for education (c) The Daily

The freshly elected heads of the trade union of workers in education and science OZPSaVS announced the news at a press conference today. Head of the union, Pavol Ondek says they hope to generate new talks with the current government  before the state budget for 2012 is given the green light.

Among other things, teachers want the government to allocate a higher percentage of the GDP to schooling, as they regard the current level of 3.8% as too low.  They are also demanding a higher share of tax revenues for local government, as this would help boost the wages of teachers and other school staff.

If the current interim government is not forthcoming, the trade union will continue its negotiations with whichever parties take power after the early elections on 10 March 2012, but until then the union has been given a mandate to continue with the strike alert and will initiate a strike if they don’t get some kind of satisfaction.

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