Telecom Authority Sees Space For New Mobile Operator

The Slovak telecommunications authority has confirmed that there is space on the market for a fourth mobile phone operator, with frequencies in the 800 and 2,600 MHz bands available.

Back in August last year the authority already registered interest from Vietnamese telecommunications services provider Viettel Corporation. The company Viettel already operates on three continents and expressed a strong interest in entering the Slovak market. Slovakia would then act as its launching pad for elsewhere in Europe.

Current operator of T-Mobile, Slovak Telekom, believes that existing operators should get first choice of new frequencies, while the other two operators on the Slovak market, Orange and O2 Telefonica, acknowledge that this would constitute discrimination.


  1. Dave C.,

    I am not worried of the competition, I say bring it on, it is not going to affect my work. I feel that there should be lower costs for mobile services in Slovakia, however, with limited customers, this is sometimes hard. I wait for the day that I can travel throughout the EU, without huge charges for roaming. If we cross the boarder to Austria or Hungary, we roll-over to their networks and immidiately incure charges for roaming, why, it is only a boarder, and within the same Union! Viettel is a very low budget carrier with limited Value, so not a threat…. I would like to see how many jobs it produces here in Slovakia, for the Slovakian Economy. If they set up shop here, fine, but I see them only using the space for technology, and not for support services. They will probably not have shops down town, but use resellers as they do in other countries. We can only wait and see what happens. By the way, I am not a socialist, I am a free libertarian with my own views.

  2. Viettel coming to the SK – good news for the customers! T-Com and Orange, were until O2 arrived, fleecing the SK public. Look how tarrifs have fallen since they arrived. Job losses? Orange has 4 shops in this small town, all on the main street, all in expensive business premises, all being paid for by the customers. If more competition forces Orange to reduce its overheads, that is a business decision and an unfortunate fact of life. You suggest that the government should stiffle competition and the chance of a better deal for the Slovak people so that you can keep your job – an American with socialist ideals? When, not if, O2 launch Giffgaff here in the SK then you will have something to worry about.

  3. Great, so now we all work for less money to provide better service and more features…. GREAT! Thanks FICO….way to go! When you punish big business you also punish all those that are struggling and working for these companies! Start to tax those that are self employed and earn over 100,000 a year. Maybe Viettel can move into the old Orange Building when they move out this year!

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