Tender for Advisor in Privatisation of Heating Companies

Slovakia’s privatisation agency, the National Property Fund (FNM), is getting the privatisation of the remaining state-owned heating companies off the ground by making a call for tenders from advisors.

Zilina heating company, a lucrative investment?

The six heating companies, which should prove to be a lucrative investment for the successful investors, will be sold off in part through public tenders, and the government is seeking an advisor to work on the privatisations for nine months. Companies meeting the qualification criteria have until 19 August to submit their offers to the FNM.

The successful tenderer will deal with the whole process, from evaluation to negotiating and concluding deals with the winning investors of the six heating companies in Bratislava, Trnava, Martin, Zvolen, Zilina and Kosice.

The government is hoping to collect up to EUR 200 million from the sales, which is the upper end of the estimated market value of the six companies combined. The decision to sell off the companies was taken in March this year, and has come up against strong, but futile, criticism from the two opposition parties Smer-SD and SNS.

Five percent of the heating companies will be transferred to respective municipalities, which are also not content with receiving such a small stake.



  1. Is someone censoring my comments ??

  2. May I say ‘bravo’ Bagpuss …You could not more correct .

  3. I live in an old style flat where both heating and hot water are supplied by one of these heating companies. I am not surprised they will be a lucrative investment for the successful investors when sold off in part through public tenders as my ‘ Heating Bill ‘ was almost twice that of another same sized flat that, I rent out, that has it’s own Gas supply and there for a heating boiler .

    No problem with these company being privatized …but there needs to be real competition for an alternative supply and a non coached Regulator with some legal Teeth to deal with these people , not a political lap dog .

    I bet pals in business Penta Co. are just chomping at the bit , and SDKU’s little fingers will be all over this sell off .

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