Tens of Immigrants (70) Suffocate in Truck Near Slovak Border

As the immigration issue heats up in Europe, there are an increasing number of incidents pointing to the gravity of the situation, but a tragic story comes from near the Austrian-Slovak border in Parndorf, where Austrian police discovered the suffocated bodies of up to 50 immigrants (confirmed as 70)  in the back of a poultry delivery truck Thursday morning.

The truck bearing Slovak signage of the poultry company Hyza does not belong to the company, and in fact has temporary Hungarian registration plates. The driver of the vehicle is on the run, after the trafficking operation went horribly wrong. The police found the truck abandoned at the side of the road probably on Wednesday already.

In other news, Austria plans to set up an immigration plant right on the Slovak border, but it did not communicate or consult its plans with the Slovak Ministry of Interior. Interior minister Robert Kalinak said he was surprised by the news about the camp, which will host Syrian refugees, while adding that even the Austrian interior ministry was apparently also unaware of the plan.

Kalinak, who will be sending his Austrian counterpart his objections, underlined how the positioning of the camp is unsuitable as it is near the main traffic road between the two countries and so could pose a danger to the immigrants themselves.

As more and more immigrants flood into Europe and the authorities of various countries find it impossible to keep the influx under control, with thousands of refugees making it across the borders of Hungary and Macedonia every day, for example.

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