Terchová International Folklore Festival

Did you know that the international folklore festival Jánošíkove dni (Jánošík’s Days) has already been declared twice as tourist attraction of the year? Want to see for yourself whether the festival is really worth visiting? The village of Terchová, the birthplace of the Slovak national hero Juraj Jánošík, more commonly referred to as the Slovak Robin Hood, can hardly wait for your visit.

The festival is held regularly always in the first weekend of August in a large open-air theatre called Nad Bôrami, providing 6000 places and a large festival pavilion for 2000 spectators. This is the forty-eighth year of the festival and it will take place from 29 July to 1 August.

The festival invites people to exhibitions of folk art, photography or painting. The festival also includes a parade of wagons and a various music groups, folk festivities and a variety of fair attractions, including carousels and stalls selling arts and crafts and local delicacies . One of the key events of the festival is concert and the holy mass celebrated for the disseminators of folk tradition in the large church in Terchová.

The ambition of the festival organisers is to present new trends in the music sphere of this genre with the participation of leading artists, both from Slovakia and abroad (Italy, Croatia, Sweden, Poland, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Russia, Denmark, Portugal, Austria and others). It offers a golden opportunity to compare contemporary trends in Slovak and foreign folk art.

The programme wants to attract not only folklore lovers, but also spread spread the message to others so that everyone can find out there is something to see, something to listen to and something to experience.

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