The Moral Battle for Attorney General Post

The prized Attorney General's Office (c) The Daily.SK

The never-ending farce surrounding the filling of the Attorney General post in Slovakia (already vacant for over two years) and the related battle in the Constitutional Court between President Ivan Gasparovic and duly elected but not appointed Jozef Centes, moves on, or rather backwards, to another chapter.

Former PM Radicova and President Gasparovic (c) Urad Vlady

With both the President and Centes filing protests against the partiality of all but one of the Constitutional Court judges, the dispute over the appointment of Centes and the President’s refusal to appoint him, is now frozen with nobody to rule on it.

It is ironic, or downright pitiful, that everyone battling for the ‘good’ of the key post of Attorney General, whether it be the President, the PM or the opposition who voted in Centes under PM Iveta Radicova, is holding up some kind of moral reason for this sick game to continue as if their real interest is for the good of the Slovak people.

With such zealous behaviour, which has seen parliamentary walkouts, lawsuits, an impeachment petition against the President, who defied a Constitutional Court ruling and refused to appoint a duly elected public official, how could anyone doubt their intentions. True warriors of the people fighting to ensure that the Attorney General post is a column of integrity in this democracy.

This ideal situation plays into the hands of PM Robert Fico and his standalone government, which plans to push through a new Attorney General vote in parliament, where it is guaranteed a clear victory thanks to its parliamentary majority. So we can probably rest assured now,  that the post will be filled this year, by someone who the President will find more than morally acceptable.

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