The secret EUR 4 million luxury villa that nobody knows about

It seems that nobody knows who gave the green light to reconstruct the luxury villa for the Prime Minister costing EUR 4 million in taxpayers’ money (including a EUR 1.4 million swimming pool).

Former PM Robert Fico recently denied any knowledge of the building or its approval, and now his former foreign affairs minister Miroslav Lajcak is also claiming that it was nothing to do with him. He says he had no say in the matter, and that everything was managed by former PM Robert Fico’s office.

The whole project was ordered by state-run company Diplomatic Corps Services Administration, which falls under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of which former minister Lajcak led the General Meeting. “It was started long before I took up office,” says Lajcak, who explained that the decision to start work was taken under his predecessor Jan Kubis and that he had signed nothing in connection with the project.

The company Diplomatic Corps Services Administration says it had the consent of the Government Office, so was it a special surprise Christmas present for the Prime Minister that nobody knew about? The mystery continues.

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