Government won’t regulate gas prices

Miskov lets go of pricing

Economy minister Juraj Miskov (SaS) looks set to give gas utility SPP a break, as he plans to abolish the law passed by the former government that allows the state to interfere in the pricing system.

The plan had already been announced earlier, but now after rumours of SPP taking Slovakia to court over its losses of up to EUR 1 billion, the change to the law should come into effect before the end of the year.

Miskov says the ministry has no right to interfere with the pricing policy of SPP, even when the state holds a 51% stake in the company. “We’re going to abolish it” he declared.

Naturally, SPP welcomed the decision, releasing a statement that this would contribute to establishing the conditions for the sector to operate in a standard way. Now companies will be able to push through their price proposals without the complication of the state holding a ransom card.

The regulatory authority URSO will be decisive when it comes to approving price proposals, and not the general meetings of individual companies, as installed by the former Robert Fico government.

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