Three Slovaks Arrested for Series of Rapes in UK

A group of four Slovaks have been arrested on charges of a series of rapes in Bradford, England, after the Special units of the police apprehended three of them at the same time in different locations in Slovakia yesterday.

Illustrative photo (c) Arasmus photo

Spokeswoman for the Slovak Police Force Denisa Balaghova informed The Daily that the three men, all from Trebisov in East Slovakia, had allegedly raped or attempted to rape at least five prostitutes on separate occasions between February and March 2008, using force of number on the unsuspecting ladies of the street.

At the beginning of May, the Magistrates Court in Leeds issued a European arrest warrant on Matus T (28), Jan D (40) and Miroslav K (45), while a fourth man Lubomir K is already serving his 16-yr sentence for the rapes. His three partners in crime could face life imprisonment in the UK.


  1. I am sorry, but because some nutty Prosecution Service and a hung em high magistrate, a member of the Police Court issued an Euro arrest warrant does not mean the evidence is damming . In other countries, say like Slovakia to commit a `crime` is very easy, ie. say you owe a debt to the State, but the crime can be avoided either by negotiation, bribes or paying the debt . Yet a Euro arrest warrant can and has been on many occasions been issued for debt collecting . The British Police are fed up with the time and cost of arresting, sending home Poles, Slovaks and Czech just for small State outstanding debts . QED . So the UK victim(s) made a statement and one scum bag turn Queens evidence to get off, or a lighter sentence. So , there is just enough evidence to warrant a trial that is why the Euro warrant was issued.

    As for James and his ban the comments . It is not as though the conversation here is not balanced here and will effect any jury trial . I am all for free speech in these matters .

  2. Dave, I’m saying let’s leave it to the due processes before we give the world the benefit of our wisdom. The very first sentence (actually a rhetorical question) of this comment thread – by George M – demonstrates exactly why I’m saying that.

    This story should have been for info only, and closed to comments. It shouldn’t have been seen as an open invitation to certain people to spout nonsense. That’s all.

  3. No’one thought of waiting for a verdict? This is one of those threads that convince me that comments should be disabled on certain stories.

    1. James, you`re getting too old and too PC . Time to take one of those pills that stops you feeling like a socialist and caring about scum. .

    2. James I admire your personal belief in fair play and the course of justice but these three fled the UK – not very bright coming home. The fourth one has given them up, the victims say it was them as do impartial witnesses. Yes they deserve and will get their day in court but even the Slovak courts would be hard pressed not to find them guilty. Also you will note that Int. Arrest Warrants were issued by a magistrate who will have been advised by the Crown Prosecution Service which suggests the evidence is pretty damning. The serious nature of the crimes will result in them standing jury trial in a higher court, even so it will be a much faster process than the normal 3 -4 years it takes here. Yes, there has been no due process and no verdict and yes they are innocent until proven guilty but from the info on various sites in the UK these three should not make any plans for the next 30 years.

  4. “America’s Toughest Sheriff.” – Joseph M. “Joe” Arpaio makes all his inmates wear PINK… LOL… he is a tough SOB!!! Even in the heat of the summer he has tents set up in the fields for living, not AC controlled rooms! This is American justice! I would like to see these guys in this JAIL!!! A mexican with an attitude would certainly make any Slovak sqeeze his cheeks!

    1. If Joe Arpaio ran the prisons here, crime would cease. Great guy with the right attitude and takes no s*$t. The average Sk couldn’t run a bath never mind a prison.

  5. I wish the Slovaks would make all prisioners pick up all the trash that the normal people are just throwing on the ground! It baffles me how one trash can can get so full between cleanings that 90% of the trash ends up below the can and never picked up!

    Street brigades….with all prisoners! Bring a trash bag or Paint bush!

    1. Ah street cleaning, another simple task that seems to be beyond the locals.
      Our merry band of road sweepers, equiped with their high tech beesome brooms – surplus props from the Harry Potter films, believe the road drains are designed for rubbish and sweep everything into them. Demarkation of jobs has pavement (sidewalk) crews sweeping crap into the road while the road crews sweep it back again. Having exhausted themselves pottering about for an hour or two they can be found lounging in the bushes around the local Tesco, drinking cheap wine from PET bottles which they just throw on the ground.
      In areas that actually have litter bins the locals seem to think anywhere within 10 feet of them counts as responsible litter disposal. You can’t see the fish in the local river because of a raft of PET bottles the size of Luxembourg. Looking out of our front windows I note we have the usual deposits from the night time revellers, piles of vomit, empty and broken bottles, food wrappers etc. which will either have to be cleaned up by the residents and local businesses or will be left with Saturday nights contributions until the municiple “technicians” come and move it around a bit sometime next week.
      There is no pride in this country, they point out the filth in Roma communities but quite happily make the same mess themselves.
      Chain Gangs – get my vote but they would have to go to the pub with their supervisors or they would end up doing work as part of some “deal” that lines some officials pocket.

  6. You can’t rape the willing”…. but the willing you must pay for!

    Stupid and not suprising! Life in prison…GREAT!

    Get these dirt bags off the streets and out of Slovakia! Even Prostitutes have rights, they are humans and most of the time don’t do it because they love it! OK, they always have a story! But anyway, everyone deservers their own sense of life…..

    In the old days they would HANG!!!

    Cheers and have a hot happy weekend!

    1. In some of your States they would be getting a lethal injection – to right too!

    2. I agree and now they will be housed in a UK prison paid for by UK tax payers with the nice cells and sky TV and a wage paid to them for a stupid prison job. What happened to hard labour and paying for the crime. British prisons can be like a holiday camp.

      1. Totally agree Ian but these scroats face at least 20 years having to look over their shoulder every second of every day.
        Yes, the UK tax payer gets the bill and Yes UK prisons have become a bit soft but they are a damn sight harder than anything here.
        Actually, and I am not sure, I believe the UK govt. can claim back the money it costs to lock up EU Nationals – which seems fair to me.

  7. Dear DC,

    Getting a little ahead of ourselves here, just a small bit I feel .

    Whilst everyone will know my love of the slimy, toe-rag lying Ayran, Slovak race …these herberts ( long time since I heard that word ) have ONLY been arrested on charges of a series of rapes. British Justice has still to be done and do you know how hard it is to get a court conviction for a rape of a Pro ?? All that, he said, she said, I paid , she agreed to do that, stuff to get through.

    1. I agree George but according the some of the local rags, the 4th scroat who got 16 years has effectively turned Queens evidence and Leeds Crown court has handed down a number of severe sentences, including to be detained at HM pleasure, for similar attacks recently. There is also the matter of the injuries sustained by the girls that can’t be explained by a bit of consentual hanky-panky and the impartial witnesses to the intitial assaults.

  8. Even a call girl can say NO! George.
    These herberts were using violence to drag the girls off the street and then imposing their own “buy one, get three free but don’t pay” policy. The girls didn’t appreciate the Slovak foreplay either – getting slapped around.
    Chances are these three will get life and rightly so.
    Slovak judges – note the sentences – no four years in a holiday camp.
    Slovaks intending to visit the UK – Note that what passes as socially acceptable here doesn’t cut it in the UK and that justice is swift and effective.
    It should also be noted that sex offenders have to be kept separate from the “normal” lags because of the danger of “prison courts” deciding the punishment wasn’t severe enough, even so these three will almost certainly slip on the soap or fall down the stairs regularly during their incarceration.
    If they actually survive UK prison, having automatically been registered as sex offenders they will find upon their release that they are immediately deported back here and they will be refused entry into most of the other countries in the world. I don’t think they will attend the UK court with same happy go lucky attitude that so many criminals have here, faced with the stark reality of what awaits them.

  9. How can you rape a prostitute ? Perhaps like many Slovaks they just did want to pay after receiving their servicing ? Oh well , that`s four less to worry about .

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