Three Slovaks Charged with Slave Trading in Scotland


A group of Slovaks have been charged with slave trading in Perth, Scotland, for enticing young women to go there for work, naive to the true motive of the group.

Illustrative photo (c) Arasmus photo

According to online news portal of The Daily Record, two women aged 20 and 47 and one man aged 27 had have been charged for luring two young women to Scotland with the intention of using them for sexual slavery or scam marriages. They allegedly took their passports and kept them under lock and key once they arrived in Scotland.

The group got a young couple to come to Britain, for instance, and tried to force the 19-yr girl to take part in a scam marriage. The case came to light after one of the women managed to get hold of a mobile phone and call her parents in Bratislava about the situation, after which the Slovak police started collaborating with the police in the UK, Interpol and other authorities. An organised police raid in July 2012 eventually freed the captives.

The gang, Helena K. (47), Renata K. (20), and Ivan B (27), were all convicted of human trafficking yesterday, with two more accused being acquitted. They have all been kept in custody with the final sentence to be issued on January 2013. According to the daily, there were around 950 victims of slavery in the UK last year (712 adults and 234 children), with some 93 suspected case of trafficking in Scotland alone.


  1. Considering the human trafficking and slavery – I would like to mention that also the people who use the “service” are guilty just as much as the traffickers.

    Anybody can be a victim, Slovak girls as well as British boys

  2. Is there no limit to the village idiots’ talents? Free English lessons! – what next?
    Good to see the UK/SVK police working together. One thing the SVK may like to note – these three were put in custody and will remain in custody until they go to prison or are deported – no opportunity to do a runner.
    I think we could all offer some advice to Slovaks who wish to go and live/work in the UK. Mine would be:
    1. Only use reputable agencies here in the SVK, and then only as a last resort.
    2. Use services such as Job Finder to check on employment offers in the particular region you wish to live in. Contact fellow Slovaks in the area through Facebook or one of the Slovak community sites in the UK and check on the situation.
    3. Don’t use UK agencies unless recommended.
    4. Register at the Job Centre as soon as you arrive and check the jobs on offer daily if you can.
    5. Get as much information and advice BEFORE you travel.
    6. Always be suspicious of job offers that don’t have verifiable confirmation from the employer and don’t accept employment/offers from a third party.
    7. Never surrender any documents, especially your passport to another person.
    8. If anyone asks for your passport or payment – report it to the police immediately – they will protect you.
    9. If in doubt about anything, ask for advice – CAB, Job Centre, Trade Unions, Local Council or the Police.

  3. Losgar
    I am not sure about the concept of “correct English”, but I think most people realise a sentence has ended with the addition of one full stop dot.


    1. Georgina has problems with question and exclamation marks and you Alex have a problem with clicking on REPLY button.

      Why did I used 2 full stops? Actually I wanted to use 3 to show the sentence continues as it was a correction of a part of Georgina’s sentence. I know that the ending were only 3 question marks but still I meant to emphasize it was the correction.
      It was meant ironically, I was just messing with Georgina. The fun was the most important thing.

      Anyway I admire you British for how many different words for testicles/the reproductive organs you can use.

      1. Dear Losgar,
        How nice of you to point out the reply button, but please forgive me if I choose not to use it. Written English has become an internet bonanza for simpletons and educated alike,and the boundaries of what is correct or not have all but vanished. In this context correction is futile and energy is better focused on replying to the content. WALOB is: What a load of bull.
        LOL started out as a sarcastic reply to nasty impolite YouTube comment makers ie lots of love Simpletons failed to grasp the innuendo and subsequently corrupted it to laugh out loud, which has absolutely no logical meaning or significance. The fact that LOL is now included in the English dictionary just goes to show the significant contribution of uneducated on a language.

        1. Smug, man up ??? Language is a living organism. And just as any living organism, it experiences evolution. Will we be able to understand the English of the year 3,000? It seems to me that the answer will be yes. Will Slowvak survive …well no .

          Languages are constantly changing. In this biological evolution that fact has been given a lot of attention, moaning, correction by some, but the fact is, that in languages this evolution is happening all the time.

          As an American, your Language is a form of English, not really like the original .

        2. I pointed out the reply button Alec only because it’s quicker to figure out to what the person is reacting and also easier to find the comment.

          I don’t regard my English very high, if I manage to pass the message and somebody still picks on it it either means he has no arguments or he has no idea what it is to speak other then your mother tongue language. I was messing with Georgina. I always notice all my slips, I know I press the send button too fast. It’s my problem.

          I personally think that using the internet language is only a phase. Nobody will ever use in spoken language “lol” or “wtf” or “btw”. I miss the personal contact, hence my desire to use the smileys. I never enjoyed the anonymity of been a netizen, I think it’s always more misused then used for good deeds.

          This website is very special as it doesn’t have too many users and somebody will always reply to your comment and there seems always some conclusion coming out. What is the point of comments that aim nowhere and which are not funny at all at the same time? And I also have good feelings about most of the people here. Makes me a bit depressed sometimes.

          I like using correct Slovak /gramatically, right punctuation marks, vocabulary/, so I understand what you mean.
          You, Dave and others make me wonder how many Slovak men in their 50s, 60s, 70s are using the internet just as you do. I respect you for that!

          Finally please allow me making my ironic comments and having a little fun with Georgina. I can’t help it.

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          1. Your English is fine Losgar, but you know dear old George is getting on in years and though he appears to be sprightly and reasonably articulate, he is prone to irrationality and therefore you should treat him as gently as you would any other old person, and not be too harsh in your critisism of his English language shortcomings.

          2. OK Alec. I’ll try not to criticize George’s English. Just so you know -sometimes when I read what he wrote and seeing how he butchers the English language I have the urge to poke my eyes out. His question marks are the worst.

          3. Talk for yourself Smug …my old pecker is up for anything, or so it seems these days. God I wish this new woman would let me sleep and sometime during the night thou.

            Nobhead, I have no problem with anyone cracking a little joke, a clever quip, a play on words, a smart comeback line ….but just when you do it Nob, you are the only one here that thinks it is smart, or makes any sense, or other than to you,that it is funny .

            I shall be kind, and say perhaps it is lost in translation, but I rather believe Mr Bean or Benny Hill humour is the current Slowvak standard of terrible slapstick comedy. Like everything else here 25 years behind the rest of Europe .

          4. By The Way Nob ….Butchering the English forum language is a skill, I mastered over the last 10 years …it makes the Smugs feel smug and the Slovaks totally miss the pee take …but the Brits always get it .

          5. The Slovaks miss the pee but the Brits always get it.
            It’s clear Georgina! I understand! Please don’t get angry.

  4. ….irony is lost on you Mrs Nobhead .

  5. As said previously, Slovak woman are absolute Dolls, but as dim as a 10watt bulb . Who comes to the Scotland of all places and expects to find a job when they get there, other than a be a Street Girl ??? The place is a mini Slowvakia …??

    1. I think you should finally learn when to use the exclamation marks and question marks. Reading your comments can be very confusing Georgina.

      I heard 2 million English live in Scotland. It must be the biggest brothel in the world I guess.

      1. Nobhead, you`re complaining about my English ???

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        1. The correct English is:
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