Time to Celebrate Day of Slovaks Living Abroad

It is time for Slovaks living abroad to celebrate, not about the fact that they do not live in Slovakia, but as part of the Day of Slovaks Living Abroad, which is officially on 5 July.

Sad Janka Krala, Bratislava (c) Wizzard

The celebrations started today and will continue until Wednesday, with a special gathering planned for tomorrow in the public park Sad Janka Krala in Petrlzalka, which has been home to a memorial of Slovak emigration since 2000.

There will also be a walk to Devin Castle and then on Wednesday the Office for Slovaks Living Abroad will have a special meeting of its advisory board to discuss future plans.

The organisation of the annual celebrations rotates between Slovaks living in Hungary, Romania and Serbia, where the largest populations of Slovaks abroad live, and it falls on the national holiday commemorating the arrival of St. Cyril and Methodius to what is now Slovakia.

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  1. More bonkers ……

    The general-secretary of the Association of Slovaks Living in Poland, Ludomir Molitoris, has filed a lawsuit against an MP from the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) and former Slovak ambassador to Poland, Magdaléna Vášáryova, for statements made in her book, A Midnight Neighbour, published in Slovak in 2008 but recently released in a Polish translation, the TASR newswire reported.

    Molitoris alleged Vášáryova’s book contains passages smearing the activities of his association. He said that the statements in the book, in which she indirectly called Polish Slovaks to be “nationalists singing fascist songs celebrating [the wartime Slovak leader] Jozef Tiso” are all unsubstantiated and untrue. Molitoris is suing her for libel.

    Vášáryova said recently that she sticks to what she wrote in the book. (Please note the grammar …’what she had wrote in the book !! )

    ”The book has 300 pages and Mr. Molitoris doesn’t like one sentence,” said Vášáryová. “It has no sense,” she said.

    We are talking Slovaks here with the IQ of a bean bag , ‘no sense’ being the correct statement .

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