Time to deal with state enterprises

The four ruling parties of the coalition have yet to agree on the division of posts in state enterprises.

The SaS is insisting that the right to nominate directors should be left to the party that has the particular company under the jurisdiction of its ministry. The two junior coalition partners, KDH and Most-Hid, are insisting that mutual supervision be applied to the companies.

Head of Most-Hid, Bela Bugar has said that the issue should be discussed in the Coalition Council as the coalition leaders did not manage to reach an agreement at their meeting on 19 July.

Just what to do with many of the state-owned companies is a dilemma, as many of them are sucking away at public finances, mostly due to bad management. The railway companies, for example, are up to their ears in debt. INEKO analyst Peter Golias feels the best solution would be to sell them.

Martin Krajcovic, spokesman for transport minister Jan Figel, pointed out that the ministry is well aware of the complex situation in railway companies and so is analysing the situation.

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