TIPOS lawyer Valko shot dead at his home

Valko was involved in various large sensitive cases

Last night late in the evening, top lawyer Ernest Valko died after being shot at his home in the village of Limbach. Daily SME published the news on the internet early this morning after having it confirmed by police chief Jaroslav Spisiak.

Even though medical assistance arrived swiftly, they could not save Valko. Police chief Spisiak was joined at the crime scene by interior minister Daniel Lipsic, who had in fact worked as a lawyer for Valko back in 1998.

Ernest Valko was a prominent lawyer who for years has been involved in some sensitive cases. Most recently he represented finance minister Ivan Miklos in a civil dispute over protection of personality, when he sued ex-chairman of the Slovak parliament Jaroslav Paska.

In another case Valko represented Miklos in a lawsuit against former PM Robert Fico, regarding damaging statements made against him. He won also this case.

Valko was associated with well-known Slovak businessman Ladislav Rehak, with both men withstanding accusations of blackmail against two brothers in the Zahorie region over a land dispute. The case was dissolved by the public attorney.

Valko also represented the Slovak gas utility SPP over the affair of the so-called Ducky bills of exchange, saving the company millions of Slovak koruna. He was also representing lottery company Tipos at the Constitutional Court in a case that threatens to see the state lose EUR 66 million. The case has been dragging on for 10 years and in 2008 the state lost it, but after a legislative change the Attorney General was allowed to make a special appeal.


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