TIS Praises Government Anti-Corruption Efforts

As parliament winds up for the rest of the summer, the government of PM Iveta Radicova got praised by Transparency International Slovensko (TIS) for the steps it has taken to reduce the level of corruption in Slovakia.

According to a report on its website, TIS claims that the government’s first year in office tackled corruption well, pointing especially to attempts to reform the judiciary, the publication of state contracts, and better control of municipal assets.

TIS notes that ten laws were adopted or revised with the consequence of increasing transparency and reducing corruption, listing them in a table. The report also puts SDKU MP Miroslav Beblavy and KDH MPs as the most supportive of anti-corruption measures, while the MPs of Robert Fico’s Smer-SD party were least supportive. It points out also that the most active MPs in this respect were generally younger MPs who are in parliament for the first time.

All in all, TIS claims that the current government was three times more active in combatting corruption in its first year of office than the previous government. Robert Fico and the Smer-SD party are unlikely to agree with the findings, though, and have voiced criticism several times about the activities of TIS, claiming their are partisan to the current government.

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