Trade Unions Fights Against Poverty Salaries at Yazaki

Collective bargaining between trade unions and Japanese investor Yazaki have broken down after the company refused to increase what the unions feel are ridiculously low salaries.

The trade union OZ KOVO has now turned to the Ministry of Labour with the request that it act as an intermediary in the dispute. Jozef Balica from OZ KOVO told a press conference yesterday that the salaries in the company are on the poverty level and only amount to 50% of average earnings in the country, with the nominal wage in the company even falling slightly over the past four years.


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Balica warns of a possible strike at the company, where the average wage is in the range of just EUR 477 a month, but according to Emil Machyna from KOVO trade union, the basic wage is even lower as this figure already incorporates bonuses and overtime.

Yazaki is only willing to hike up wages by 4.5%, and then only if the employees give up their right to other bonuses, including the overtime supplement. The trade unions on the other hand are demanding an increase of 7.4%, which they say would bring salaries into line with real salaries as they were four years ago.

Head of trade unions at the Yazaki plant in Michalovce, Lubos Kracansky, says the company is threatening employees with redundancies and possible withdrawal from the country if the trade unions demand excessive increases.

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  1. Huh ? well did you expect Slovakia ?? A fair and just employer, that came to open up shop here, because you are hardworking and intelligent people ????

    No, they can because they had been bribes, you were are cheap labour and they though you are stupid race of people and far inferior to the Japanese master race ………just as the Hungarians and even Russians believed.

    In life you need to fight for your rights …something lazy and compliant Slovaks just fail to understand, as it is all far to difficult .

    ….Que Stefan ūüôā

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