Trade unions start protests tomorrow in Kosice

Trade unions in Slovakia will start a series of protests this Friday, 1 October, in demonstration of the government’s announced austerity measures, which they feel will affect common people most.

The protest tomorrow will be in Kosice, with others planned already for next week in Zilina and Bratislava.

PM Radiova criticised the trade unions for the move, saying that they were clearly going to stand up against the current government because they had an agreement in place before the elections with then ruling party SMER-SD. She said that in tripartite talks they are being treated not as a partner, but as the enemy.

Political analyst Tomas Koziak said he is curious to see just  how the public will regard the protests, and as Kosice is the largest and richest city in East Slovakia, he is not so sure support for the protests will be that strong.

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